Thursday, May 5, 2011


Can I just say- Cancun is the best vacation spot ever. Reasoning A) It is sunny about 18 hours out of the day and always nice and warm B) Humidity shumidity, I don't care its only allowing my skin to be hydrated so I don't have to cake on lotion like in dry desert Utah C) Our hotel had the best beach, pool and location ever! Right next to a mall and my new favorite restaurant! (Ruth's Chris-best sweet potato dish known to my 21 year old taste buds) D) Tyler knows spanish so it made the trip even more excellent him knowing how to speak to the natives/drivers E) Their little taco shops...look real ghetto but taste like legit delicious mexican food, bueno :) WELL here is how our week went: A LOT of sun, eating and sleeping with a mix of aquarium, exploring, dolphins, Xplor (Mexican amusement park), jet skis, sand castles, happy hour (free chips & salsa, and half off virgin strawberry-coladas, YOU betcha!) and of course taking pictures of it all :) here is my proof of this amazing week.

Mr. and Mrs. Richards :) Great honeymoon suite

At the airport before our flight
Do I look tired or what?

Mexico HERE WE ARE!!

DAY one at the beach :)
jet skiing is the best!

JUMBO shrimp

yummy Habichuela food

Picture with the popo


Xplor :)

For the love of Xplor! haha

hammock zip line whoooo!

YAY for Xplor zip-lines. Love how Ty's shorts are riding way high from the harness ?

WORST thing I EVER my life


zippy zip zip


before our bike ride hahah

beach time :)

our sand castle hehe

happy hour pool side :)

our view

last day...

Ruth's Chris...mmmm


  1. I'm totally jealous of how tan you are! Not fair. Looks like you guys had a blast. I can't wait to see wedding pictures!

  2. I will post those shortly :) I won't have those since I am closer to you guys now in Knoxville until after Kellee's reception next weekend...and thanks :) Hope all is well with you guys! miss you!

  3. Looked like fun. I love Cancun, best water ever!! Looking a little skinny Nicole, no more lgn diet!!