Sunday, December 9, 2012

You can find me here...

So because my husband was making himself a blog/website. I wanted him to make me one. You can now find me here:

Enjoy :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Time to kill :)

So I probably will only post 1-2 photos this time because I am still iffy on this whole blogspot thing where they limit my picture capacity. I am STILL awaiting Mr. Husby to make me a website for myself where I can load ENDLESS photos and not worry about getting lame notifications that I am out of space for photos {thank you to those who have told me how to fix that...I just would rather get Ty to make me a website :) sounds like fun} Well it has been a LONG time since I have posted so I will just throw out the highlights of the past 3 months:

  • Marissa's Graduation {End of May} My little one is all grown up :)
  • Sister-in-law/Friend's baby showers/baby's birthdays
  • Ashley getting engaged
  • 4th of July. First time going to the Provo parade. Beach Boys @ Stadium of Fire.
  • Trip to St. George with Erica & Matson to see both Tuachan shows {Aladdin & Hairspray}
  • Bon Voyage party for our friends heading off to Med School {not a highlight per say but it was good to get together before they all left}
  • Lake Powell with the Forbes Family
  • Little sis moving up to go to UVU! Live close to me :) whoo!
  • AND today my brother gave me a nephew {finally! :)}

    Nicholas Robert Gibson. August 21, 2012. 8 lbs 3 oz. Healthy and handsome. Born to my wonderful brother Scott and his beautiful, strong wife, Lindsey.

Haven't even met him yet but I already know he is my favorite nephew :) Can't wait to hold the little guy at Christmas! Congrats you two! You will both be amazing parents. Love you both!

NOW last but not least, the future.
Things to look forward to.

  1. Trip to Cali for Disneyland/Six Flags vacation in October
  2. My star birthday (23 on the 23rd)
  3. My husby's 25th bday!! {quarter of a century!!}
  4. Cancun with the Richard's clan
  5. SEEING baby Nicolas at Christmas time :)
I had time to kill. And since time flies by I will be posting again in 3 months ;) {I will try to make it sooner}


Friday, May 4, 2012

AND THEN she slacks away...

Literally I was SO stoked I made two entries in one month...
THEN I go and miss like 3 months I swear. My bad.

Anyway I am not posting ANY pictures this time because I am looking to make an upgrade on my blog when my husband has time. So I will just share in words what we have done for the past 2 months. THEN I will go back and share with pictures hopefully what we have done. {plus I am at work doing this so I have no access to my pics hehe}

Mid March: HUNGER GAMES. Yes saw the midnight movie. YOU betcha! I am not a crazy movie critique so I will be honest I only noticed a few things changed from the book and they didn't bother me that much. I loved the movie mostly because I love this book series and I love when they make awesome series into books. Thanks Hollywood :)

The next day we headed to St. Geezy to visit my fam, watch sister play rugby, help mom with a race in Mesquite, go to Brooke's bridal shower AND relax in the sunshine :)

It was a success. Marissa demolished in her rugby game. We stayed the night in Mesquite with my mom {pool, buffet, black jack and then helping the race kick off}

Brooke's bridal shower was adorable {Go Kacee!} Great cake and food. Fun decorations!

April: OH hey went to another rugby game for Marissa but it was in Draper {man that place is windy!}
YUP she killed it again. Some sweet tackles! Just waiting to watch her play at State in a few weeks now! SO excited!
Another St. George trip for Brooke's wedding. It was wonderful. Beautiful wedding. Fun photo booth. Candy galore. Then we celebrated Sam's birthday/Easter with my mom. AMAZING food. Salad mmmmm. I don't really like red meat all that much and the tri tip was pretty tasty. MOM made her amazing rolls. It was just an epic meal of large proportions. For real. The cake was bomb. Yeah good trip! :)

April 23: Our First Anniversary :) Anniversary Inn, Biaggi's, a movie {Lucky One} :) It was a wonderful celebration. Can't believe it has already been a YEAR! Where does the time go?!

The next 3 days after....Our friends Jeff & Victoria got married on the 26th of April in the Salt Lake Temple. We were lucky enough to be involved in basically all the wedding festivities from Victoria's bridal shower {Jeff's bachelor party thrown by Ty} to their wedding dinner the night before. Then the wonderful experience of being in the temple as they were sealed together forever. Then the reception! :) It was all SO much fun! I wish they weren't leaving us this summer, but there will always be next summer {hopefully!}

To end this wonderful month of April we got to go to Vegas with my in laws :)
I have NEVER been shopping with the Richards/Tanner girls. WHAT an experience.
I actually loved it. We went to Primm first {6 hours later-hey don't judge us! There were some AMAZING deal! [70% off at Old Navy WHAT?!]} Then we went to Charleston with the boys for another 2 hours! It was shopping like I have never shopped before. BUT I got a lot of great things for not that much money spent :) I love that feeling. We got to lay out by the Aria's pool {incredible}. Ate breakfast at Cheesecake Factory with Sue's Aunt and cousins. Never had breakfast there but their French Toast with strawberries, pecans and whip cream. OH dear. I was in love. Good calorie consumption if you ask me :)

Now we are into the month of May! Time is flying by me. Our plan is to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with E & M {Erica & Matson, it's just shorter to do E & M so now you know} at Joe Bandidos Mexican Restaurant and in 3 weeks to go watch my baby sister graduate high school {weird!} and then relax in St. George with the fam and go watch Marissa play in her state rugby game! Exciting :)

Let the good times roll!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Making Progress :)

This is a record I believe. I am posting more than once in a month! 
Well to start off I am going to rant for a second on how much this blogger bugs me.
Maybe someone out there can help me with my issue. So I went to upload a photo
and it said my Blog photo space was full {more or less}.
You are allowed 1GB I believe and I have NO idea how I filled that,
nor did I know I had a space capacity.
ANYWAY so I found out where all my photos were being stored. 
All the photos posted on your blog get stored to some photo album storing program.
Well I found where they were all stored and I wanted to make room so I deleted a few.
Then my photo uploaded...and being smart I checked to make sure the other pictures I deleted were still on my blog. They were.....
Until the next day. Then I looked at my blog again and all the photos I had deleted to make room for my other photo from the photo storing album program, were GONE!
A BIG UGLY BLACK SPACE was in their place.
I was raging. REALLY?! Limit my photo space...guess that is why I have instagram...
dumb blogger people.
I mean I have the majority of the photos saved on my hard drive but that takes too much energy to go back and put them back on each post I now marked with ugly BLACK space :(
So although I am sure not many of you go back and look at any old photos of mine...if you do and they are gone...sorry :( 
Sad day for my blogging.

ON a higher note :)
I am here to keep the blogging going!
Our past week was an eventful one.
Johnny came to town for his spring break, Ty had 2 back to back bball games,
we went to Mattchew Ang's birthday shindig, the weather was AMAZING, we had a Rook night with the Kimball's and we were subs in Primary again this week.

Because the weather was so beautiful and my car was a nasty mess from that snow/slush mother nature has been throwing at us, I decided she deserved to be cleaned.
I forget how much fun car washes are. 
YES this is a picture of me enjoying the car wash :)
It is my favorite part when the fan comes on and the water starts to run off the car...
the droplets literally look like they run off the glass haha!

 Mattchew Ang is 23!!
OKAY how weird is it that him and I are the same age?!
Maybe it isn't weird for anyone but me.
I always felt like he was Ty's age because he has been friends with them forever.
Looks like we are only 7 months apart.
SPEAKING is my Star {Golden} Birthday this year!! 23 on the 23rd! YEAHYA!

So Saturday was an amazingly warm and NOT an indoor day in my eyes.
SO I got Ty to go play pickleball with me at his parents.
Since Johnny was in town we decided to have a 3 way tournament.
Well to my surprise {haha just kidding} Tyler & Johnny played the final game.
They OF COURSE made a bet on it. Loser takes winner to lunch.
AND OF COURSE it was Chick-Fil-A.
It was a fun Saturday :)
That night we went to eat at Milagros with the Kimball's and back to their place for Rook!
{mmmmm Milagros is so yummy}
I will apologize because I struggle taking "action" shots. Like while we are playing or at dinner...
that doesn't cross my mind until later. My bad.
We spent the rest of the night talking, playing Rook and being entertained by the dogs :)

 Ty loved these Portuguese Water dogs.
He feels like a king haha :)

So I decided to make a pinterest meal for my husby that I knew he would really like...
it definitely wasn't my first choice but I was pretty surprised how good it was.
{BUT I hate how it made my house smell...}
Sweet & Sour chicken and fried rice.

I did pull out the sandals since this nice weather decided to grace my life with it's warmness :)
Today I got to wear them. I love spring colors. I love warm days and sunshine.
SO excited for summer!
Got all sorts of plans I want to make happen this summer.

This summer + this guy + me = FIRST anniversary, travel, fun, sun, family and memories.
Cannot wait.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Update time :)

I know, I have struggled to stay updated on my blog posting. I did a little blog revamping and now I feel like I will blog more because I like it so much :) {I will try and that is all I can really promise} Let's start with "Love Day" {a.k.a. Valentines Day} I have never been one to expect flowers or gifts from a guy on this day but I never complain when I get any and all of those things. It is always nice to have them want to make you feel special and my husby does a REALLY good job to do that. I came home from work on February 14th to this:


STREAMERS and balloons everywhere
I loved it. 
He wasn't anywhere to be seen so I thought he was hiding in the closet or something.
But then I heard the door open and he said "Are you already home?"
Then He came to explain his wonderful surprise :)
He made his "Happy Valentines Day" sign himself ;) {adorable and as he said no pinterest necessary}
He got me a very beautiful flower arrangement as well as an incredibly cute maxi skirt.
Then his next surprise was He was making ME dinner :) :)
the note that brought me tears and the beautiful flowers :)
Heart shaped BBQ chicken pizza. Again I was very impressed :) 
{look how sweet that picture is of him tossing the dough in the air} 
He made it a very special day for me and then he had a basketball game that night
So I spent the night cheering T on, which is not so bad.

Another fun date night we had was when we went up to the Tree Room to have dinner.
{Ty got a killer deal on LivingSocial for FREE!}
I was all sorts of worried that the food was gonna be all weirdly fancy and unappealing.
I was wrong and not even mad about it.
We had a few date nights in the past non-blogging time that I captured photos of :)
We went on a Temple Date Night with SUSHI to top it off. {man I love that stuff}
About two weekend ago we went to the Cougarette Recital with Matson & Erica, which was awesome 
and before we all went to Spark to eat.
It was crazy because I hadn't been there since Ty and I had our reception there...great memories :)
At the Cougarette Recital

Our Temple Sushi Date Night. Love these nights :)
 So to top all this fun off, we all got to go to the Utah Student 25 again this year, thanks to John. It was a lot of fun, surprisingly. I actually really do love seeing what new businesses are out there especially ones that students have started themselves. The top 5 usually blow my mind with their revenue as students in college...dedication is what that is. We had a chance to talk to one of the top 5 guys and after he told us all how he got to where he is and everything in between, it was really eye opening.
Impressive. He has met with reps for Lady Gaga and Lady Gaga herself, as well as Ashton Kutcher. They had him and his wife meet them at a "party" in downtown LA 
{ended up being an after party for the MTV Music Awards I believe}
He has Google wanting to buy his company {or already has}
Him and his friends started the business called ScanMe {}
Way cool.
Well this doesn't make up for my lack of blogging but I will be doing this more.
I need to because I need to keep my life captured somewhere {besides Instagram hehe :) }

I have been having back flashes of Ty and I. How far we have come.
All we have gone through together and the journey.
We have almost been married A YEAR!
So this picture is called for.
Our very first picture together. 
I just get a kick out of how much we have both changed.

Monday, February 6, 2012

{Starting off 2012}

The Mr.
  • Busy with school {BYU Business program is keeping him busy}
  • Working
  • Keeping focused on his business plans
  • Playing on 2 different basketball teams {city league & BYU intramural}
The Mrs.
  • Applied for Dental Hygiene Program
  • Just started FULL TIME work {9-5 is an adjustment}
  • Staying on top of wife duties as much as possible
Here is how this post is gonna go...90% will be photos because pictures tell stories BUT I will add a little story to it if needed ;)

Saturday Sushi night. mmm I love sushi
First time @ Nickel City. I felt like a kid again haha 
200 piece Chic-fil-A nugget night + poker +Timp View  high school flashback :)
Date night turned into double bball game night. "How come the Jazz & BYU play the same nights?!"
My Which Wich experience. loved it. P.S. don't forget to write your name or  they write it for you haha
Sophee's baptism and then a little Coldstone treat after.
Superbowl 2012. Food + Family + Football = Fun :)
The month of January FLEW by! We had a lot of adventures. Night out with friends. Date nights. Family time.

This last weekend was a lot of fun, we got to go to Sophee's baptism. She was so adorable, all nervous and anxious. We asked her how she was and she responds sheepishly with, "I have butterflies in my stomach". It was fun to get to go to her baptism and 2 weeks prior a baptism of a new family friend, Lindsay. She is a girl about my age who has lived in Utah for 2+ years now {longer, more interesting story but not for blog sharing} and luckily started the discussions with the missionaries. She was baptized 2 or so weeks ago and it was a treat as well. I love the spirit you feel at a baptism, it helps you remind yourself of the day you were baptized. After Sophee's baptism, Ty and I headed back down towards home. As we were almost passing the exit, Ty says "let's go to IKEA!" I said yes. And he did a little maneuvering and we started our TREK through IKEA. I came to find out Tyler had never been to IKEA!! So we went through the whole maze and didn't find what we were looking for but of course as most do, buy something else you found that was a "good buy";) Then Ty and I said let's go look in that furniture store across the street. We have been on the search for a dining table and if you don't stalk KSL, it is near impossible to find exactly what you are looking for. Well we walked into this store {has a salesman greet us, standard} We looked at maybe 3 tables and I turned around to see this beauty.....

My NEW dining table :)

It was almost weird how quick I said I want that one. I was expecting Ty to say let's look around, etc. but NOPE! He wanted it instantaneously just like I did! Neither of us ever make a big purchase on the spot like that but we both loved it {plus it was on backorder so if we find something else we can bail for no money loss at all} DONE DEAL! finished the decor in our room and living room. I LOVE NESTING! :)


Sunday, January 8, 2012

{A New Year for the Mr. and Mrs.}


How crazy is it that is it already 2012?! Our adventure down in St. George ended on Friday night...then we drove home because Ty had work. We also were invited by our wonderful friends Jeff + Victoria to go ice skating, dinner and a movie up in Midway {little did Victoria know there were more plans made} We went ice skating in Midway...{my toes froze or I should say toe, just the left small toe went completely white! I was worried.} 
 cute husby.
 these are my feelings when I am ice skating. scared but loving life haha
 take notice Ty is trying to get in the pic :) haha

Fun times in Midway :)

Then we went to dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant..I bet they hated us. Who goes out to eat at 8pm on New Years Ever?? Oh well. After dinner we headed to our "movie". Ty and I were decoys to make this wonderful event go down more smoothly :) Jeff planned a wonderful, sneaky proposal that we luckily got to be apart of. We went into the theater, sat down and let the commercials play. Then Ty acted like he had to go to the bathroom and I pretended we wanted treats/drinks. We left and the projector started playing a movie trailer....then slowly it faded into a slideshow pics of Jeff and Victoria. It was adorable. Then once the pictures and "poem" was gone from the screen he took her to the stage and danced with her. Then got down on one knee...and proposed :) I loved it. AND I got pics! I will only share a few. Then we let them enjoy their evening as an engaged couple.

 The cute excited couple :)

Then Ty and I headed to a New Years Eve party...

Ate. Played games. Talked.

Had the the new year :)

It was an incredible way to start out a new year...the fun of being apart of our friend's getting engaged, bringing in the new year with friends and of course with the man I love.
I know this will be a great year full of lots of growing, learning and loving.
This is my quote for the new year:

“The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, the education, the money, than circumstances, than failure, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company... a church... a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past... we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And so it is with you... we are in charge of our Attitudes.” -Charles Swindoll

Happy New Year from the Richards :)