Friday, August 12, 2011

I love SpOnTaNeiTy

It was a last minute decision but one of the best I have made. I didn't plan on going to Lake Powell this year because Ty + I would be in Tennessee but since Ty's selling took him 2+ hours away and he was staying in hotels most the week, it seemed like destiny wanted me at Lake Powell ;) haha! I had a long internal battle (maybe a little external too) about it then I finally realized it would probably be good for my sanity to go on a vacation with my fam plus I needed to look for apartments in Provo anyway so I went back to Utah on the 28th of July for 12 days of adventures. YES 12 days away from my husby! (that is husband and hubbby mixed. I know I am a dork, I enjoy it) It was a lot of fun but I certainly missed him and wished he could have been with me. He survived, I survived and I think he even had some fun without me, but I know he really REALLY wanted to be at Powell. NEXT year he will be there. NOT even a question.
TY + NICOLE = fantastic Forbes family fun :) 
So anyway I flew into Vegas on the 28th and RAN to the shuttle, then was on my way to STG. When I arrived I had someone ask if Marissa was my twin...haha silly boy we are 5 years apart....guess I appear younger than I am ;) Before Powell on Friday night Marissa and Sam wanted me to go to this new place called Antigravity. Its a new business opened that has trampolines lining the ground and sides in 2 different areas, one for dodgeball and the other for jumping around! Then they have 3 inflatable interactive bouncers, one was an obstacle course, another was a bungee run, and the last was the joust. (I did all of them but the joust and dodgeball...who willingly wants to get smacked around to get off a pedestal? Or to get hit with a ball even if you are trying to dodge it! haha) Sam and I raced on the obstacle course, I won :) BUT he is a powerhouse when it came to the bungee run. Then Marissa and I just bounced around for an hour or so while he played dodgeball. (Here are pics of the bouncers)

Here is the link to AntiGravity:

So then we headed to Powell the next day and the time there was a blast! Wake-boarding, tubing, reading, playing speed scrabble, bananagrams, buzz word, catch phrase, all sorts of card games and just catching up with the family :) I did surprise Kellee and (kinda) Kimberly that I came to Powell, which was what I was trying to do. This year I guess the long winter brought a lot of water to the lake so it rose about 30 feet or so, which gave us all an idea to go find our long lost and loved sand dunes. We went on like a 25 minute ride to find them (painfully bumpy and fast, thanks to my cousin Tyler. I was sure I had injured my internal organs but no sign of that yet) We finally got to it and the water was high enough for us to get right up to it BUT unfortunately it hadn't risen enough. The water was like 3-4 feet at the bottom of the dunes and as you will see in the pictures, there was lots of bushes blocking our path into the water as well so it looked like a failure or injury if we tried. Our boat decided to head back, jump off cliffs and not go hiking to see what else to do around there. (Thank heavens because our hikes turn into an hour or longer bueno) 

M, M and M's

I love Morgan in this pic haha

K K and N :)

we love tubing

Here comes pain...

and more....

I was the champ this round :)

neck pain here I come

Still love tubing

My mama, Marissa and I

Wakeboard time

JUMP! (not big but its improvement)

Kel Bel and I on our boat ride to sand dunes

the water has risen a LOT

hehe Sam...


Sand Dunes

The dilemma at the bottom of the dunes

Hope the water keeps rising

Right before Kel left. We LOVE each other :)

Twins? haha

My mama wakeboarding :)
My mom, Marissa and I left Thursday for Provo/SLC. Then the apartment hunting began...Sue and I went on the hunt Friday and Saturday. We found many great options but the winner was just found by Sue once I had returned to Tennessee. YAY! Now we just have to return to Utah! :) 

OH yes I also went and visited Ty in Asheville, NC after I got back. It was the most beautiful drive to get there and the new area was fun to explore (or get lost in) And now I know why they call them the SMOKY mountains. I took pictures to capture it. We attempted to go see the Biltmore Mansion BUT it cost $60 to go see it if you don't buy them a week in advance....that was a NO GO! Unless they have some sweet roller-coaster inside, I don't think it should cost $60!

Libby jammin on our way to Asheville

Smoky Mountains

Biltmore village

Biltmore village

more Smoky Mountains

A pretty bridge we found when we were lost :)

The Smoky Mountains

ONLY 10-11 days and we are back Utah!

“If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.” -Winnie the Pooh

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