Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend in St. George

Scott + Lindsey
This is not the best picture of them on their actual wedding day but it was one of the only ones posted on FB that I could steal and use :)  ....SO this weekend was Scott + Lindsey's reception in STG. It was lots of fun! AMAZINGLY warm and very scrumptious food!! All Tyler and I have to say is no more cookies and rolls for us after today!! We did have some good laughs and fun times with the family, which always makes those 3 and a half hours of driving worth it ;) AND Tyler finally got to meet my dad's parents. I missed them.

It was great for me to see a lot of faces I hadn't seen in quite awhile that I grew up around...I will see them again in 3 months or so I hope. And I will most likely have to remind Tyler of all those people's names he met at the reception-that is what your other half is for right? :) 

Tyler + me at the reception

NOW in color :)

I forgot my actual camera so thanks to the iPhone for capturing these candid moments...

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