Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Saturday Pedi

    So Tyler and I needed a little loving for our feet so we headed to Nail Expo this last Saturday to get a pedi (pedicure)...Ty really only wanted it to get his newly grown toenail growing on the right path :) but hey I benefitted from it, so no complaints here! It was a first for us as a couple because we had never done a pedicure together.

    I found it quite funny when I was getting my feet scrubbed. I squirmed a little when they scrubbed the bottom of my feet. It really tickles in some parts of the foot!! (fellow pedicure goers, you know what I am talking about!) When I went first Tyler kept saying, why are you laughing so much?? So I told him it tickles ridiculous amounts....he didn't believe me....until it was his turn. I have never seen him laugh and squirm more than when he got his feet scrubbed :) I have learned something new about my future husband. Here is proof of the event:

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