Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's been awhile

My apologies...I realize I should have been blogging during this wedding planning process BUT I was way beyond busy. AND when I had a free minute I got reminded of more things to worry about :)
Papa John's birthday celebration. bowling + pizza :)

Ty+ Matson at the duel shower

The cute little nerds :)

Oh brothers. He almost squeezed me to death

but I love him :)

At our duel shower for the two engaged couples: Kellee + Harold, and us :)

Kellee + Harold

Kel bel and I :)

THESE pics bring us up to mid-march :) This is all from either John's birthday celebration or the duel shower for Kellee, Harold Tyler and I. It was a lot of fun both events. We played a newlywed game and it was quite fun listening to all of our answers. Other then a lot of bridal showers, school, work and getting everything squared for the wedding & receptions....we got our bridals done :) Here is a sneak preview of a couple. I will post more another day :) Enjoy. AND for all those coming to St. George for our reception see you then! BE ready to dance and have  fun! :)

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