Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Time flies by....

WHOA!! Well I haven't posted anything in a minute...busy busy me. sorry. Well let's update. Tyler and I had our engagements taken! And they turned out awesome :) I LOVE them. (THANK YOU MELISSA) I will post a few....(of course not any of the possible pics we may use for the will have to wait for that ;) )

And now we (mostly myself) are just getting all the plans in order for our receptions and marriage- that is less than 2 months away! Wow. crazy crazy. Well I am excited. (YES I do know the exact days if you said 2 months I would correct you...haha I am a geek I know)

Next the plans after the wedding and honeymoon are to head out to Knoxville Tennessee for the summer. Tyler is going to do sales for Vivint. Everyone says I will be getting a nice big culture shock when I arrive...but I am excited for that also. More excited to spend a summer outside of Utah with my best friend/new hubby :) and all the adventures of being a newly wed couple.

There is is folks...Tennessee


  1. look how close you'll be to Indiana. We are planning a trip to nashville this summer. We should play!

  2. looove tennessee. its so pretty there!