Thursday, June 16, 2011

THE Adventures of TJ + Nicole LoWeezy in Knoxville

Don't mind the title. I was feeling a little like a comic character for the day. And the LoWeezy came from this fellow that checked me out at Bed Bath & Beyond. He got my email address for store discounts etc. and he said "OH Louise? Does anyone call you LoWeezy??" No one does but me now. haha. So here is how it started. After TJ and Nicole LoWeezy wed at the end of April, they honeymooned in Cancun then came straight out to Knoxville. The journey to Knoxville was a nice start to the summer. A day of driving, a night in a sketchy motel and then another day of driving then we finally reached Knoxville, Tennessee! Since we have been out here we have betrayed Gold's Gym and joined a local gym for the summer (forgive us later GG!) We have gone boating before TJ goes to sale, had a few bbq's, played volleyball and had a pool party. Here is one of those moments caught in action.
Ty in the underwater handstand competition

Ty about to run into Gurney in the competition

Libby and baby Taylor (not her baby haha)
Ty helping the lap swim competition

Spence throwing the little ones into the pool
Ty and me :)
lap swim competition
All the Vivint sales reps @ the pool party

the coin dive....Ty dominated this

all the boys diving...WAY entertaining

Alright so the question of the day is WHAT ON EARTH does Nicole do with her time all day in Knoxville?!

  1. I have gone and picked strawberries with some of the other wives and made plenty of jam and chocolate covered strawberries. YUM in my TUM.

            2.  I have made friends with the wives of the other sales reps and we have started doing our best to keep each other entertained until 9 or 10 at night. haha. Like making cakes or craft time. Going on random errands with one another just to get out of the house. Sitting watching movies over and over  while writing our thank you notes and creating a luau party for the kids and inviting us  :) all sorts of fun. 

 This is a cinnamon swirl cake w/cream cheese frosting I made! mmm :)
 -Katie, Libby and I during our "arts & crafts" time :)
(Here is my attempt at a fabric flower)
(Luau party with the kids! They are too cute :) )

 3. Laying out in the sun, reading and as of today playing tennis (we are going to make it a weekly ordeal)
        4. Having girls/wives nights. We have tried two local restaurants and seen movies. So far since I have been out here I have seen:

A really great movie...

A kind of weird romantic movie...some say its like The Village, but I haven't seen that yet.
weirdly enough. I actually really liked this movie. We had to make sure Ty didn't speed home after though...

I LOVED THIS MOVIE. I love when movies show the prequel and how it all began...kudos.

...I saw the Pirates movies too but I wasn't into it. Not the best one. Pretty mermaids though :)

LAST but not least of the adventures is one of the most entertaining nights I have experienced so far....FIREWORKS + boys = straight joy :)

 This is Ty on his way to start playing with fireworks with all the boys
Oh after this night I found out how much I love these fireworks.
Jeffrey and his fireworks

NOW for your the video of these boys using fireworks in a epic battle. Like Harry Potter style :) it is great. Here is the link


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