Thursday, July 7, 2011

.FoUrTh of JuLy. and what not :)

Here we are only like 6 weeks away from returning to Utah....I cannot wait :) mostly because I am beyond bored of this place. I love the scenery but I don't get to see much of it since I have been without a car for about a month (Ty takes it for work). Well luckily we have time to do what we want before they go out and sell, so we have gone boating a few times with Spencer and the guys. There is a video of Ty trying these new wake trick skis (or something like that)...I found out I need to only record horizontally on my camera because the vertical footage can't be rotated therefore I can't post it for safety reasons. (I don't want someone trying to view the video and unfortunately falling could happen?) Also there is a video of Spencer trying a trick I told him to try. He was scared to try it and I feel like if you have the skills (which he does) you should attempt the tricks you fear because you probably can do it, you just need motivation...the trick is called an 'Air Raley' or 'Superman'.

boating!! :)
NOW let's talk about 4th of July!
I made cupcakes for a bbq we were gonna have for all the boys (bring your own meat and the lovely wives bring a salad etc.) Well I made salsa but I wanted to be festive so I made cupcakes for everyone. Then we bbq'd and later they all shot off fireworks.
The scariest part was when Ty was setting off these really big fireworks with Spencer, Matt and Jeff. They all were going to set them off at the same time but Ty's lighting device didn't work so he was left there trying to light the firework when the first one went off in his face. I was SUPER worried he would be deaf or like bleeding out his ear with a broken eardrum or something! 
Thank goodness all was fine. He kept on lighting fireworks off.

Silly boys and their love for fire/fireworks :)

this is my silly husband modeling my cupcakes :)

I LOVE when he has a night off!
off to the fireworks we go
let the celebration begin
Kelty, Walker and Ellee playing with sparklers...pretty amusing :)
boys. they never grow up do they?

The video uploads on this are SO slow so I am just youtubing it again. Here are the links


  1. I think you guys really want to come home just a few weeks early so you can come to LAKE POWELL! think about it...

  2. Dang...the videos didn't work?? But of course Tyler did that. Def a pyro. ACTUALLY our WHOLE family is pyros. But cupcakes=cute!

  3. Fixed the video! Now its just a youtube link :)

    Kim. You KNOW I want to come home a few weeks early for Lake Powell. NO questions asked...but we will just have to wait until next year because I can't miss work for a week. This office would crumble. haha