Thursday, July 14, 2011

It all ends. Part 2 is here!

I know I am a complete Harry Potter nerd but I am 100% content with that. SO here is my post about how excited I am to go see the FINAL battle and adventure in this movie series! :)

 And here is the link to get to the trailer to get you as stoked about this as me!
Isn't it crazy to think about how long this movie series has been going on...The movie series started in 2001! We have been waiting for this for 10, yes 10 years!! How nutso is that?? If that isn't patience I don't know what is. ALSO if you are smart (I don't mean intelligent smart, I mean if you used your brain and made a good judgment in reading this series) and read the books as well, that means you have been waiting since 1997! That is when the first book came out, your imagination formed this series in your mind for over 14 years and it is ending tonight when it let out into theaters! If you don't sense my excitement then I will video me right before I go see the movie and post that later ;)
....I have made it a goal to someday with or without children (who will have to have read and viewed all the movies prior) go to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios and experience that wonderful world of magic :)

a Harry Potter geek named Nicole


  1. I am coming to harry potter world with you!

  2. Has tyler even seen them all? Haven't seen since #3. haha Ashley and I are horrible. Matson is going to it tonight. I am not. haha loser me.