Monday, August 20, 2012

Time to kill :)

So I probably will only post 1-2 photos this time because I am still iffy on this whole blogspot thing where they limit my picture capacity. I am STILL awaiting Mr. Husby to make me a website for myself where I can load ENDLESS photos and not worry about getting lame notifications that I am out of space for photos {thank you to those who have told me how to fix that...I just would rather get Ty to make me a website :) sounds like fun} Well it has been a LONG time since I have posted so I will just throw out the highlights of the past 3 months:

  • Marissa's Graduation {End of May} My little one is all grown up :)
  • Sister-in-law/Friend's baby showers/baby's birthdays
  • Ashley getting engaged
  • 4th of July. First time going to the Provo parade. Beach Boys @ Stadium of Fire.
  • Trip to St. George with Erica & Matson to see both Tuachan shows {Aladdin & Hairspray}
  • Bon Voyage party for our friends heading off to Med School {not a highlight per say but it was good to get together before they all left}
  • Lake Powell with the Forbes Family
  • Little sis moving up to go to UVU! Live close to me :) whoo!
  • AND today my brother gave me a nephew {finally! :)}

    Nicholas Robert Gibson. August 21, 2012. 8 lbs 3 oz. Healthy and handsome. Born to my wonderful brother Scott and his beautiful, strong wife, Lindsey.

Haven't even met him yet but I already know he is my favorite nephew :) Can't wait to hold the little guy at Christmas! Congrats you two! You will both be amazing parents. Love you both!

NOW last but not least, the future.
Things to look forward to.

  1. Trip to Cali for Disneyland/Six Flags vacation in October
  2. My star birthday (23 on the 23rd)
  3. My husby's 25th bday!! {quarter of a century!!}
  4. Cancun with the Richard's clan
  5. SEEING baby Nicolas at Christmas time :)
I had time to kill. And since time flies by I will be posting again in 3 months ;) {I will try to make it sooner}


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