Friday, May 4, 2012

AND THEN she slacks away...

Literally I was SO stoked I made two entries in one month...
THEN I go and miss like 3 months I swear. My bad.

Anyway I am not posting ANY pictures this time because I am looking to make an upgrade on my blog when my husband has time. So I will just share in words what we have done for the past 2 months. THEN I will go back and share with pictures hopefully what we have done. {plus I am at work doing this so I have no access to my pics hehe}

Mid March: HUNGER GAMES. Yes saw the midnight movie. YOU betcha! I am not a crazy movie critique so I will be honest I only noticed a few things changed from the book and they didn't bother me that much. I loved the movie mostly because I love this book series and I love when they make awesome series into books. Thanks Hollywood :)

The next day we headed to St. Geezy to visit my fam, watch sister play rugby, help mom with a race in Mesquite, go to Brooke's bridal shower AND relax in the sunshine :)

It was a success. Marissa demolished in her rugby game. We stayed the night in Mesquite with my mom {pool, buffet, black jack and then helping the race kick off}

Brooke's bridal shower was adorable {Go Kacee!} Great cake and food. Fun decorations!

April: OH hey went to another rugby game for Marissa but it was in Draper {man that place is windy!}
YUP she killed it again. Some sweet tackles! Just waiting to watch her play at State in a few weeks now! SO excited!
Another St. George trip for Brooke's wedding. It was wonderful. Beautiful wedding. Fun photo booth. Candy galore. Then we celebrated Sam's birthday/Easter with my mom. AMAZING food. Salad mmmmm. I don't really like red meat all that much and the tri tip was pretty tasty. MOM made her amazing rolls. It was just an epic meal of large proportions. For real. The cake was bomb. Yeah good trip! :)

April 23: Our First Anniversary :) Anniversary Inn, Biaggi's, a movie {Lucky One} :) It was a wonderful celebration. Can't believe it has already been a YEAR! Where does the time go?!

The next 3 days after....Our friends Jeff & Victoria got married on the 26th of April in the Salt Lake Temple. We were lucky enough to be involved in basically all the wedding festivities from Victoria's bridal shower {Jeff's bachelor party thrown by Ty} to their wedding dinner the night before. Then the wonderful experience of being in the temple as they were sealed together forever. Then the reception! :) It was all SO much fun! I wish they weren't leaving us this summer, but there will always be next summer {hopefully!}

To end this wonderful month of April we got to go to Vegas with my in laws :)
I have NEVER been shopping with the Richards/Tanner girls. WHAT an experience.
I actually loved it. We went to Primm first {6 hours later-hey don't judge us! There were some AMAZING deal! [70% off at Old Navy WHAT?!]} Then we went to Charleston with the boys for another 2 hours! It was shopping like I have never shopped before. BUT I got a lot of great things for not that much money spent :) I love that feeling. We got to lay out by the Aria's pool {incredible}. Ate breakfast at Cheesecake Factory with Sue's Aunt and cousins. Never had breakfast there but their French Toast with strawberries, pecans and whip cream. OH dear. I was in love. Good calorie consumption if you ask me :)

Now we are into the month of May! Time is flying by me. Our plan is to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with E & M {Erica & Matson, it's just shorter to do E & M so now you know} at Joe Bandidos Mexican Restaurant and in 3 weeks to go watch my baby sister graduate high school {weird!} and then relax in St. George with the fam and go watch Marissa play in her state rugby game! Exciting :)

Let the good times roll!


  1. Wow such an exciting few months! Brooke is getting married?! Fun! To whom?!

    1. She already got married my friend :) she is married to Alex Watt. P.S. Happy 1st Anniversary to you and your hubby! I will always remember your anniversary I bet! :)

    2. P.S. Ni I need access to your blog please?! :)

  2. Yay! I love it when you post, even without pictures.

    1. Thanks Melissa :) I will remember that so I can keep updated, with or without pictures! You can be my motivation since you love when I post!