Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Birthday dinner

It was Lexi's 22nd birthday so Matt invited us to go up to her favorite restaurant in Salt Lake called Sapa, it is a sushi bar and asian grill. I was actually really intrigued by this place....amazing lights and decor. It was very modern and the food was delicious so it got 4 stars in my book. So Matt was wanting to surprise Lexi with an ice cream cake so we had to bring it in our car and then ask our waiter to bring it out once dinner was over. BUT of course right as dinner is over, Lexi has to run to the restroom....and the waiter started heading out but luckily we stopped him (he didn't even have the candles on it that I had brought!) But he brought the cake out and since it was an ice cream cake we realized we couldn't take it back to Provo with us, so we split it into fourths and chowed down :) Great way to end dinner if you ask me.

Lexi and Matt

Tyler and I @ Sapa

Birthday Girl

perfect timing :)

So cute

mmmmm delicious
Another great part of the night was when Matt gave Lexi her present which was: a ONE way ticket to NYC :) hahahaha I giggled...but her mom gave her the other way back so no worries she won't be stuck in NYC to fend for herself. We ended this night of celebration with a little ComedySportz. They are pure geniuses EVERY time. I seriously am fascinated at how witty and hilarious the comedians are because it is almost always a new group of people and continues to make me laugh each time. Well if you haven't figured it out yet, I am a weekly or biweekly blogger...I guess I just don't find school to be of any interest for the blogging world. SO Until next week! :)

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