Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Warm Superbowl Weekend :)

Weekly update! It was a pretty normal week for us (Monday=Bachelor, Tuesday=Biggest Loser, Wednesday= American Idol, Thursday=American Idol & Jersey Shore) school, work, gym and food :)

HIGHLIGHTS: I took my first Chem exam (BAM I did good!) and Ty's company had a company party to introduce their new company name "Vivint". They had a raffle...and since Tyler has pretty good luck we decided we should go and just see if he possibly would win anything (like the 10k grand prize!!!) WELL sadly his luck didn't pay off this time around, but maybe next time when there is a 20k prize?? I can only hope!

So we spent the weekend in St. George and it was very nice :) I just love the NO snow zone. It is great! We did quite a bit of wedding planning with my mom (Ty got bored but he is SUCH a trooper! He even went to a bridal show with us...NOW that is what we call a great fiance!)
He loves life.
This was at the wedding venue, we entertained ourselves while my mama talked
haha I thought this was amusing...he looks like he is really pondering this picture :)
We also found out this weekend that fast sunday and superbowl sunday are not a good combination (especially when church was at 1!) Since SuperBowl Sunday tradition calls for snacks galore we had to create the perfect mix of sweet n salty...corn salsa, s'mores, shrimp + the idea of a red velvet cream cheese cake (we never got to it we were so full). All in all, it was a fun trip! Gotta love the weekends in STG.

Ty: "Favorite dinner ever!"

Chef Ty adding the avocados to our SALSA

Sister sister :) isn't she so cute!

Sammy boy kickin it + watchin the bowl 


Let the snack fest begin!
Ty enjoying his favorite snack combo

He luuuhhs s'mores!
Aren't they funny   


  1. ok ok ok where are the cheese hats from? and please tell me they went and dug them out of the dress up clothing. or even better, they bought them specifically for the occassion. great.

  2. It was great because my little brother walks out with like only one quarter left of the game and has the cheese hat on...and we all just laughed :) He got it when he was in Michigan. SO Ty of course wanted to be in on that and luckily my little brother had TWO of them. What are the odds of a little Southern Utah teenage boy have TWO cheese hats...haha it was funny!