Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weekend Retreat and Love day :)

This last Saturday was Tyler's summer sales group's weekend retreat. It started out at the Provo Beach Resort where we had a mini competition of arcade games, bowling, golfing etc. Whoever won got a gift card to RIO! :) I love that Tyler is such a lucky AND talented guy. He won the bowling with a score of 217 i believe (and almost the basketball too) so we took home the wonderful gift card to Rio! THEN we all   got to ride on the Flowrider! It was a lot of fun! I just did the boogie board along with Erica and we just watched all the boys attempt to surf on the flowrider, and a few succeeded. BUT it was fun to watch the wipe outs! :) Anyway after the flowrider, dinner and the boys attending like a two hour regional meeting, we headed up to a cabin in Heber area. Basically the majority of the time spent in the cabin was a poker tournament. Two groups of 8-9 players, top 4 of the group went on to the final tournament. It was actually fun to watch ( I know that is kinda weird but I have never played so I was intrigued by it) So the final tournament came down to.......Tyler and one of the guys on his team. The game was NEVER ending because one would get a good hand, no one was betting enough and they just kept exchanging chips. THEN after a grueling 30 minutes or so of this, finally the other guy (sorry I don't remember his name) looked at his hand and said I am putting all my chips in, which he was down quite a bit. So Tyler took his bet, to my relief and happiness Tyler had two aces in his hand and the other guy had a QUEEN and an ace. IT was close but we won another gift card for that :) Well worth it in my eyes! 

First round of the tournament

The winner is....TYLA! :)

SO I had to just add a little bit more about the Love Day celebration. I must say I have the most perfect Valentine, for me! I know EVERY girl says they have the best guy because he did this and this....blah blah. Well I think every girl is different and all I know is I am glad I found my perfect Valentine. He made me a dinner which turned into a surprise candlelight rose petals everywhere and then almost the best part about it, HE TOOK ME TO THE JUSTIN BIEBER MOVIE! :) It was actually a really good movie and I enjoyed all the single girls (and guys) screaming and going gaga for Bieber! But I most enjoyed the fact that he cares so much about making V-day such a fun, loved filled experience for me :)

The Bieber tickets were inside the box :) hehe

candles, flowers and sparkling cider.
Long stemmed rose :) Him watching Bachelor with me is a great idea!

I made this heart shaped s'mores delight :)

My amazing Valentine :)

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