Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall Festivities part 2

So we left off on my ACTUAL birthday. After the brunch with my mom, I spent the rest of my birthday driving home from STG and with Ty and his parents eating/playing games. But since his family celebrates everyone's birthdays with taking them out, then opening presents and having dessert/playing games we celebrated a different day. We went to Happy Sumo {LOVE that place} No one in his family likes sushi besides Ty and so everyone just got chicken, vegetable & rice bowls. Then I opened presents: I got money from Doris, a bathroom bundle from Grandma and Grandpa Hill, an adorable jewelry box from Johnny, super cute boots from Erica and Matson, a fun new outfit from Ash, my new favorite item-a robe from John & Sue {as well as a very cute top and money towards furniture for our new place} and Ty got me a new work out top, bottom, sports bra, new pants and also the Nike ID's and more work out clothes. {forgot to take pics of the presents...sorry :)} It was an incredible birthday and I am so grateful to all those who helped me celebrate it. Holy COW I am 22 years old! weird.
Erica and Matson. Dorks :)
The wonderful Sue and John Richards :) favorite in laws ever ;) 
my cute husby chompin on edamame
yummy edamame
Ash pretending her water glass is her date :)

:) he is always good for a laugh 
A birthday balloon for me! 
I had to put this pic up :)  
Blowing out my candle on ice cream yum crispy cake :)

This last weekend Erica, Matson, Ty and I went to the Cornbelly maze. We stopped off at a few restaurants and then decided on Scaddy's. {silly boys and their not wanting to watch the BYU game until after. Thank you tivo} It was surprisingly a lot more fun, entertaining and worth while than we all imagined. We took a few pics then decided to go try out this cool blow up blob tramp thing. {amusing to watch Matson and Ty bounce little boys around haha} Then we explored. We went in and out of the corn maze in like 5 minutes. Ty found his way through it pretty quick! Then we watched as Matson and Ty raced ducks in a water faucet slide. Moved onto the scary/"haunted" mazes. I will always be scared of people jumping out at me in dark creepy places. ALWAYS. So we went through "The Creature" and of course I was scared. Then through the covered hay maze....scared as well but not as much. Luckily the line was like forever long for the other one so we just kept exploring. Came across the bull lassoing course and then the tether ball area. I definitely enjoyed myself watching Ty and Matson attempt at lassoing bull horns as well as smack the tether ball into each other's faces. HAHA! Erica and I agreed it would be a great place to take your kids someday. Glad we came across it to add into our fun fall festivity traditions.
I loved this.

We are goofy :)

We break rules. HAHA

the jumpy thing

catching some air :)

Let the duck racing begin....

OH yeah. Sexy tractor :) jk


So Ty informs me that my posts are way too long but I try to break them up. BUT sometimes I have a lot to share and sometimes I don't. I split it into parts sometimes to ease the info :) oh well. I will continue now with the last of our fall festivities {because it is SO not fall anymore. FREEZING!} The following night after Cornbelly's we all went to a couple's Halloween party! WAY fun. Sorry I didn't capture more pictures of the party but it had great food, great games {mofia, catch phrase and another fun game!} great people and all together a good time :) We received the award for "Most Unique Costumes" and we loved it. {took us all day to make our costumes so always good to get recognition haha} Then on Halloween, Ty's mom makes donuts and we have a homemade donut party. YUM! I refrain from donuts all year until this day. I love this tradition they do....we just need to get more people to come from now on! :) Well it's been a wonderful fall....can't  wait for Thanksgiving! :) I will try to update more so they aren't as long but can't make any promises!

DONUT party :)

Ty frying the donuts. Such a good chef!

Mrs. Butterworth and her silly waffle :)
Halloween is so much more fun as a couple :)
“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.”  Dr. Seuss {great guy}

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