Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Festivities 2011 Part 1

I love fall this year! SOOO beautiful! We have only had a few cold days...and it is almost November! This makes me all sorts of happy {except that it could cause a long late winter}
We started our fall festivities with a fall couple get together where we went to dinner, carved pumpkins and played games!

Ty + Matson carvin away
Ty the artist

                                                                                           Heather's cute painted pumpkin!
The finished product
Now he is exhausted

SO cute. He loves it

Our next adventure was to St. George to spend my birthday weekend with my family. It involved Ty going shooting with my brothers and dad, ice cream with my mom, golfing for Ty and I, the gym, then a sunday birthday brunch with my mom. I was very fortunate and blessed to get lovely present from my mom, Marissa and Ty :)
The beautiful boots, scarf, curling iron and yummy cookie 
Pics from St. George
 When we first arrived in STG we ate at this cute little mexican restaurant. Very authentic and Ty said it reminded him of Mexico. I took a pic while waiting for my mom of the cool Proof sunglasses and the beautiful sunny day outside. I love STG weather :)

my attempt at golfing :)

Ty relaxing on the golf cart

Gotta love STG weather

He was pretending to be sad...he wasn't :)

Ty taking a swing

Heading out.

This is Ty's ACTUAL bday presents to me :)

The story behind Ty giving me those Nike ID shoes was classic. So we drove home from STG on Sunday {my actual bday} and Ty wanted to give me another present since it was my actual birthday. He asked "can I choose which one I give you?" and I said "sure" and he ran out of the room all excited. He came back and had me open it...and to my surprise {it was a surprise because we had told one another we were gonna just wait and give Nike ID's to each other for Christmas....and I knew all my other presents so it was my only surprise} was the Nike ID's I had created a few weeks prior. SO cute. I was way surprised and stoked he got me them. THEN he said OK hold on!! Then he runs out of the room again and comes back with another Nike ID box....and he says "OK you are gonna give me these for my birthday!" HAHAHAH classic Tyler :) he buys his own present for me to give him. He was beyond excited until I told him he couldn't ACTUALLY have them until his bday then he got super bummed. Only like 1 week until his bday now. He has survived with a few sad whimpers when he sees me wearing mine :) I love his enthusiasm and surprises. Makes life and birthdays that much more exciting AND enjoyable.

"good relationships don't just happen. they take time, patience and two people willing to face any obstacle thrown their way."


  1. love the picture of the guys intensely carving at their pumpkins. I also love your lace up boots. I want some like that...maybe short version but don't be mad if I copy cat you! haha. And the whole NIKE ID story, I could envision tyler running in and out. too funny. Happy Birthday and Fall!

  2. haha no worries :) copy away! style is free for all. YUP we know how Ty likes to get super excited and scream/run around haha! Thanks!