Friday, December 16, 2011

November for the Mr. and Mrs.

[PART 1 of 2]
Well unfortunately my computer didn't seem to want to stay working after I "fixed" it so I have not been unable to blog in like 2 months and it still isn't working but I finally decided I have too much time with all my finals done so I am using Ty's computer. {unreliable technology} So be prepared because I will be breaking my entries up into probably 2-3 sections.

NOVEMBER 7, 2011
My husband turned 24 years old! 

yes he is eating the cake before he blew out the candle. gotta love him :)
adorable right? haha :)
You would never guess this guy is 24 right? haha just joking. He is my wonderful, goofy, fun-loving, entertaining and uplifting husband who I cannot imagine life without. Dinner was at Outback, then presents and cake. As you can see above he was very fortunate this year that all his parents, siblings and I love him ;) LOTS of great gifts.

Two weeks later, after a dreadful week of tests/quizzes/getting ready for projects, the arrival of Thanksgiving break was here! You may be thinking: "WOW Nicole. You must really enjoy pounding down some major calories to be excited for Thanksgiving break." Because let's be honest. Although we all love breaks, it gives us time to relax, this break really only gives you Thursday and Friday off from school. Which Thursday is spent eating far beyond your stomach's capacity and Friday is spent either working those mind boggling amount of calories consumed off or shopping them away from your mind {some people love Black Friday? I have never really done any REAL Black Friday shopping. Maybe one day.} BUT food was NOT my reasoning for my excitement. THIS place was:

And not only being in a place where I would be getting a tan, relaxing and being in complete bliss BUT I would get do all of the above with:
this guy :) aka my husby.

AND also

these awesome amigos :) aka mi Richard/Tanner familia

Let's just say I had an extremely wonderful time on vacation with my "new" {depends on your definition of new :)} family. LOTS of sun, fun, games, building sand castles, reading, tennis, volleyball and more. I will just let the pictures tell you most of the story :)
Day one of a blissful week :) 

SORRY this one needs a story attached. WELL if you can see in this picture above there is a "car freshener" above my husband. So we had to go to Walmart to buy groceries for the week and Tyler kept telling John he thought they should buy car freshener for the van we rented for the week because it smelled "bad". John and Tyler found a section of car fresheners and started scoping them out. Sue and I decided not to worry with it. I overheard them saying they should just get the cheapest one...should have stayed to monitor this decision.
Once we got in the car Ty said let's open the car freshener. After he opened that monster I was on the verge of vomiting for the next 20 minutes! It was AWFUL. Strawberry?? That was the intended smell. NO WAY. It smelled like those nasty portable restrooms where they "sanitize" the smell to death but the smell left in the restrooms is heinous. Repulsive. It was a fight to finally get them to throw "Jane" out the door. {Erica nicknamed her Jane. It was a her because of the female on the candle. Jane, just because she looks like a Jane haha}
MORAL of the story.
Do NOT buy the cheap car freshener and steer clear of "strawberry" scented ones. yuck.

 nice bunny ears right? guess who did it. NOPE the oldest one: Mr. John Richards, the father :)

  LOVED these pictures :) This was our challenge for the week. To try to figure out how this device actually worked. YES of course we got ourselves on the "hamster wheel" {some of us at least} but it was one flip and you were off, ALWAYS. Here are pics of Ty's adventures on it.
The turtle and the manta ray are friends!
Ty got to "pet"/touch the manta ray. 
Weird right? I see a face haha :)

Before the dolphin show. WHICH was sweet!

bad picture I know. BUT I liked his excitement :) 
Ty and John playing tennis against each other

I legit have NO idea why he is doing this or what this means. Like I said he is entertaining :)
 NEXT STOP: New York City!

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