Sunday, December 25, 2011

November for the Mr. and Mrs.

[part 3 of 3]
So day two of NYC began with a little continental breakfast at the hotel and then off to the city! 

We went straight to the Rockefeller Center! They thought it would be best for me to see NYC from "Top of the Rock" so I could see all the cool landmarks around me {since we didn't have enough time to actually explore it all} I thought it was amazing....

 Mr. and Mrs. @ Rockefeller Center/Plaza

 love this. I felt like I belonged in this city...hehe
Then Ty, John, Matson and I went to the TOP OF THE ROCK and took A LOT of pics!

I loved doing this. I have always really wanted to see Central Park as well as all the gigantic buildings/landmarks famous in NYC so I got to see it all in one swoop :) Then it was off for the fun adventures of 
We went to find the rest of the crew at Anthropologie then headed to H&M then to Urban. After all that we were hungry and ended up at a recommended pizza place {forgot it's name. won't lie, I wasn't the biggest fan...but it was a fun experience none the less :)} THEN I convinced everyone to go to Chinatown.
So we went to Grand Central Station to jump on a subway. SOOOO cool.
I just kept thinking how many movies I have seen with this location in it. 
Anyway I was one of the only people that wanted to go to Chinatown.
I wanted to see what this place was like. Check out the goods.
Let's just say we ran into some sketchy fellow who offered us a nice deal on purses/wallets etc. I had no idea that was real life. That it was just in the movies. HAHA

SO cool.

Grand Central Station
my husby chowin away at the pizza 
Chinatown :)

After our adventures in Chinatown we had only a little time left before we had to head to the airport. So the boys wanted to go see the 9/11 memorial and where the new Twin Towers were being built. So we let them go do that and we hit up a department store called Century 21. It was MASSIVE. First I was stoked about it. THEN I remembered how irritable large places with too many options and WAY too many people crowding the walkways makes me. I did find some cute pants and a shirt BUT other than that....I would steer clear of that place if I ever went back :)

this is the new tower they are building I believe.

This vacation was such a great experience! I loved spending all the time with my new family, getting to see new places I always have wanted to see, seeing the amazing play and realizing although NYC would be lots of fun to live in {lights, sights and endless possibilities for entertainment and food}, I could probably only manage doing so for a week or so {maybe}  because of the large amounts of crowds ALL THE TIME. I am incredibly grateful for this vacation and always will be :)

Love my life and experiences with this guy. He brings me great amounts of happiness.
It's only been 8 months and the journey has just begun.

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