Monday, February 6, 2012

{Starting off 2012}

The Mr.
  • Busy with school {BYU Business program is keeping him busy}
  • Working
  • Keeping focused on his business plans
  • Playing on 2 different basketball teams {city league & BYU intramural}
The Mrs.
  • Applied for Dental Hygiene Program
  • Just started FULL TIME work {9-5 is an adjustment}
  • Staying on top of wife duties as much as possible
Here is how this post is gonna go...90% will be photos because pictures tell stories BUT I will add a little story to it if needed ;)

Saturday Sushi night. mmm I love sushi
First time @ Nickel City. I felt like a kid again haha 
200 piece Chic-fil-A nugget night + poker +Timp View  high school flashback :)
Date night turned into double bball game night. "How come the Jazz & BYU play the same nights?!"
My Which Wich experience. loved it. P.S. don't forget to write your name or  they write it for you haha
Sophee's baptism and then a little Coldstone treat after.
Superbowl 2012. Food + Family + Football = Fun :)
The month of January FLEW by! We had a lot of adventures. Night out with friends. Date nights. Family time.

This last weekend was a lot of fun, we got to go to Sophee's baptism. She was so adorable, all nervous and anxious. We asked her how she was and she responds sheepishly with, "I have butterflies in my stomach". It was fun to get to go to her baptism and 2 weeks prior a baptism of a new family friend, Lindsay. She is a girl about my age who has lived in Utah for 2+ years now {longer, more interesting story but not for blog sharing} and luckily started the discussions with the missionaries. She was baptized 2 or so weeks ago and it was a treat as well. I love the spirit you feel at a baptism, it helps you remind yourself of the day you were baptized. After Sophee's baptism, Ty and I headed back down towards home. As we were almost passing the exit, Ty says "let's go to IKEA!" I said yes. And he did a little maneuvering and we started our TREK through IKEA. I came to find out Tyler had never been to IKEA!! So we went through the whole maze and didn't find what we were looking for but of course as most do, buy something else you found that was a "good buy";) Then Ty and I said let's go look in that furniture store across the street. We have been on the search for a dining table and if you don't stalk KSL, it is near impossible to find exactly what you are looking for. Well we walked into this store {has a salesman greet us, standard} We looked at maybe 3 tables and I turned around to see this beauty.....

My NEW dining table :)

It was almost weird how quick I said I want that one. I was expecting Ty to say let's look around, etc. but NOPE! He wanted it instantaneously just like I did! Neither of us ever make a big purchase on the spot like that but we both loved it {plus it was on backorder so if we find something else we can bail for no money loss at all} DONE DEAL! finished the decor in our room and living room. I LOVE NESTING! :)


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