Thursday, March 8, 2012

Update time :)

I know, I have struggled to stay updated on my blog posting. I did a little blog revamping and now I feel like I will blog more because I like it so much :) {I will try and that is all I can really promise} Let's start with "Love Day" {a.k.a. Valentines Day} I have never been one to expect flowers or gifts from a guy on this day but I never complain when I get any and all of those things. It is always nice to have them want to make you feel special and my husby does a REALLY good job to do that. I came home from work on February 14th to this:


STREAMERS and balloons everywhere
I loved it. 
He wasn't anywhere to be seen so I thought he was hiding in the closet or something.
But then I heard the door open and he said "Are you already home?"
Then He came to explain his wonderful surprise :)
He made his "Happy Valentines Day" sign himself ;) {adorable and as he said no pinterest necessary}
He got me a very beautiful flower arrangement as well as an incredibly cute maxi skirt.
Then his next surprise was He was making ME dinner :) :)
the note that brought me tears and the beautiful flowers :)
Heart shaped BBQ chicken pizza. Again I was very impressed :) 
{look how sweet that picture is of him tossing the dough in the air} 
He made it a very special day for me and then he had a basketball game that night
So I spent the night cheering T on, which is not so bad.

Another fun date night we had was when we went up to the Tree Room to have dinner.
{Ty got a killer deal on LivingSocial for FREE!}
I was all sorts of worried that the food was gonna be all weirdly fancy and unappealing.
I was wrong and not even mad about it.
We had a few date nights in the past non-blogging time that I captured photos of :)
We went on a Temple Date Night with SUSHI to top it off. {man I love that stuff}
About two weekend ago we went to the Cougarette Recital with Matson & Erica, which was awesome 
and before we all went to Spark to eat.
It was crazy because I hadn't been there since Ty and I had our reception there...great memories :)
At the Cougarette Recital

Our Temple Sushi Date Night. Love these nights :)
 So to top all this fun off, we all got to go to the Utah Student 25 again this year, thanks to John. It was a lot of fun, surprisingly. I actually really do love seeing what new businesses are out there especially ones that students have started themselves. The top 5 usually blow my mind with their revenue as students in college...dedication is what that is. We had a chance to talk to one of the top 5 guys and after he told us all how he got to where he is and everything in between, it was really eye opening.
Impressive. He has met with reps for Lady Gaga and Lady Gaga herself, as well as Ashton Kutcher. They had him and his wife meet them at a "party" in downtown LA 
{ended up being an after party for the MTV Music Awards I believe}
He has Google wanting to buy his company {or already has}
Him and his friends started the business called ScanMe {}
Way cool.
Well this doesn't make up for my lack of blogging but I will be doing this more.
I need to because I need to keep my life captured somewhere {besides Instagram hehe :) }

I have been having back flashes of Ty and I. How far we have come.
All we have gone through together and the journey.
We have almost been married A YEAR!
So this picture is called for.
Our very first picture together. 
I just get a kick out of how much we have both changed.

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