Monday, March 12, 2012

Making Progress :)

This is a record I believe. I am posting more than once in a month! 
Well to start off I am going to rant for a second on how much this blogger bugs me.
Maybe someone out there can help me with my issue. So I went to upload a photo
and it said my Blog photo space was full {more or less}.
You are allowed 1GB I believe and I have NO idea how I filled that,
nor did I know I had a space capacity.
ANYWAY so I found out where all my photos were being stored. 
All the photos posted on your blog get stored to some photo album storing program.
Well I found where they were all stored and I wanted to make room so I deleted a few.
Then my photo uploaded...and being smart I checked to make sure the other pictures I deleted were still on my blog. They were.....
Until the next day. Then I looked at my blog again and all the photos I had deleted to make room for my other photo from the photo storing album program, were GONE!
A BIG UGLY BLACK SPACE was in their place.
I was raging. REALLY?! Limit my photo space...guess that is why I have instagram...
dumb blogger people.
I mean I have the majority of the photos saved on my hard drive but that takes too much energy to go back and put them back on each post I now marked with ugly BLACK space :(
So although I am sure not many of you go back and look at any old photos of mine...if you do and they are gone...sorry :( 
Sad day for my blogging.

ON a higher note :)
I am here to keep the blogging going!
Our past week was an eventful one.
Johnny came to town for his spring break, Ty had 2 back to back bball games,
we went to Mattchew Ang's birthday shindig, the weather was AMAZING, we had a Rook night with the Kimball's and we were subs in Primary again this week.

Because the weather was so beautiful and my car was a nasty mess from that snow/slush mother nature has been throwing at us, I decided she deserved to be cleaned.
I forget how much fun car washes are. 
YES this is a picture of me enjoying the car wash :)
It is my favorite part when the fan comes on and the water starts to run off the car...
the droplets literally look like they run off the glass haha!

 Mattchew Ang is 23!!
OKAY how weird is it that him and I are the same age?!
Maybe it isn't weird for anyone but me.
I always felt like he was Ty's age because he has been friends with them forever.
Looks like we are only 7 months apart.
SPEAKING is my Star {Golden} Birthday this year!! 23 on the 23rd! YEAHYA!

So Saturday was an amazingly warm and NOT an indoor day in my eyes.
SO I got Ty to go play pickleball with me at his parents.
Since Johnny was in town we decided to have a 3 way tournament.
Well to my surprise {haha just kidding} Tyler & Johnny played the final game.
They OF COURSE made a bet on it. Loser takes winner to lunch.
AND OF COURSE it was Chick-Fil-A.
It was a fun Saturday :)
That night we went to eat at Milagros with the Kimball's and back to their place for Rook!
{mmmmm Milagros is so yummy}
I will apologize because I struggle taking "action" shots. Like while we are playing or at dinner...
that doesn't cross my mind until later. My bad.
We spent the rest of the night talking, playing Rook and being entertained by the dogs :)

 Ty loved these Portuguese Water dogs.
He feels like a king haha :)

So I decided to make a pinterest meal for my husby that I knew he would really like...
it definitely wasn't my first choice but I was pretty surprised how good it was.
{BUT I hate how it made my house smell...}
Sweet & Sour chicken and fried rice.

I did pull out the sandals since this nice weather decided to grace my life with it's warmness :)
Today I got to wear them. I love spring colors. I love warm days and sunshine.
SO excited for summer!
Got all sorts of plans I want to make happen this summer.

This summer + this guy + me = FIRST anniversary, travel, fun, sun, family and memories.
Cannot wait.