Thursday, October 20, 2011

I love Pinterest.

So I know I am SO behind on this whole pinterest craze but I just got into it....I LOVE it. {OBSESSED}
First off I cannot get enough of all the cute holiday DYI decorations! Then the food ideas...genius! I already made one of them {lasagna cups & they were delicious}

There are many more ideas I have come across that are genius and I really want to do. I feel like I have been missing out on the wonderful world of pinterest until now but I am way stoked I finally joined in.
{Here is one of those genius/adorable ideas}
An anniversary picture each year like this. Gonna do this in 6 months! :)'s my birthday in 3 days. I am on fall break. Going to STG for the weekend. FUN times = new post soon! :)


  1. i want fall break! Lucky duck!! and haha i think everyone has a post like this talking about how we are allll obsessed with pinterest! and lasagna cups? I wanna make!

  2. MAKE EM they were yummy :) and yes I wish BYU would have fall break as well...would make mine a little more enjoyable haha!