Sunday, October 9, 2011

We LOVE the lake :) (part A)

Two weeks after we returned from Tennessee we had the opportunity to go to Lake Powell with Ty's summer sales group. Ty and I had to take tests and celebrate Sue's bday so we left that night afterwards (another late night drive for us....crazy us) We got to the marina at like 3:30am so our only choice was to sleep in the car (or Ty thought we could sleep on the ground....I disagreed) NOT the best night sleeps I have ever have but we were so hyped for Powell anyway it didn't matter. (I especially loved having a random marina police officer shine a flashlight into our car right at my eyeball to wake me up at like 5am!) We were supposed to meet at Antelope Point Marina at 8:30am and you bet we were there before then due to our lack of desire to sleep balled up in my car. BUT then we realized there is a  time difference between Arizona and Utah...we didn't know if the people picking us up were coming at 8:30am Utah or Arizona time. After a little chaos we finally got to the boats where everyone was. Immediately we got on a boat and went cliff jumping, wakeboarding, surfing and cruising around. Tyler, Colton and Cameron went off on a hike later and found a big lizard they decided to make their pet for the weekend. They made a leash for it and everything :) (poor little guy)
Colton, Ty and Todd with the pet lizard

putting his leash on haha

Later that night it rained REALLY hard. I love rain at Lake Powell :)

A WATERFALL down the canyon wall we were in

The next day we went out on the boat again. More surfing, wakeboarding and such.
most of the guys

they are weird:)

Ty about to surf

This was my first time surfing EVER

If you can tell by my face I was not sure what to do

On the other hand he knows what to do
Tyler and some of the guys from his sales team decided to do a mustache contest to see who could grow the gnarliest mustache. IT was pretty awful, amusing to see so many with staches but not attractive. haha
Stache contest

creepy Colton. Happy Ty :) haha 
THE nasty stache :)

ONE thing they had on this trip I contemplated doing (BUT changed my mind after watching a few others do it) was the BLOB! :) If you have ever seen the movie Heavy is like that blob. Here is a video of someone getting thrown off this crazy device. (They had the most graceful flight of any I saw this trip...most were pretty painful and brutal looking-welts and bruises formed later on the victims=ME NOT doing it)

This was our first trip to Lake Powell together and I had lots of fun :) Can't wait for LP with my fam next summer! Ty WILL be there! 

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  1. Matson just saw the BLOB video and we both vote that we would of done that!

  2. haha oh no. NOT after you saw the girl I saw who came out of the water coughing up blood after being launched off the blob {by 3 big guys}. If I was Matson's size I would have done it....but not our size. MAJOR injuries for little girls unless you have 2 little girls be the ones to launch you.