Sunday, October 9, 2011

We LOVE the lake PART B!

Part B:
So the weekend following our Lake Powell trip we had the wonderful opportunity to go to the lake AGAIN with Ty's siblings and a nice ward friend. (John bought a boating trip from him at the ward auction and this was the weekend it was being redeemed) We went to Utah lake and it was the one of the last beautiful weekends in Utah (before the yuck rain and cold came)! We all started out wakeboarding and eventually decided to surf. WELL we figured out we should have just surfed the whole time! It was SO much more fun and better behind his boat along with his surf boards. His boat was an incredible surf boat and I actually got the hang of it! We all had a lot of fun! {WE REALLY WISH John would just get a boat} Here is photo proof of the event :) {*none of our surf pics/videos will be on this because Ty took pics/videos on his waterproof camera....I will maybe add those all later}

Ash wakeboarding


Ty surfing

Matson surfing
LOVE this pic :)
After this fun lake trip Ty and I went to Park City to meet up with Jeff and his girlfriend Victoria. We went to the outlets first {love that place...need to go more :) } then to this GREAT restaurant called Red Rock, then we went and got some ice cream {Ty was jonesin for some ColdStone} then ending our fun night with the movie Moneyball. It was a wonderful weekend. Made me really appreciate living in beautiful Utah and having so many options for a fun weekend [in the summer/fall season].
Alright so there is a story to this....Ty always likes to say "uh HelloGOODbye" in one word in an asian accent. So when we saw this at Cold Stone Ty and I laughed really hard :) {look at the sign behind him}
:) I love him so much. Always brings me giggles
:) GOOD food @ Red Rock

My wonderful hubby and I :)
"A person doesn't have to be perfect to be exactly what you need.."

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